Gospel Sharing in 60 Seconds

I was recently asked to record a 60 second clip explaining the Gospel message. My initial emotional response to this question was, 60 seconds to explain everything!!! What parts should be emphasized? It would be easier to just describe the gospel with one word rather than 180 (180 words is my estimate for a 60 second message based on a 30 second radio commercials I do. 90 words is just enough to fill 30 seconds of air time). Here is my 60 second message.

The God whom I serve is a loving, honorable, righteous, creator. In the beginning of creation God made humankind. He made us so we might enjoy a relationship with Him and to stand as images of His character. Our sin however, destroyed our relationship with God. Just as sin wrecks our lives and friendships, it put a rift between us and God. To save us and achieve something better for us, God sent His son. Jesus is the son of God. Throughout his life, Jesus called people to repent of their sins and accept God’s sovereignty in their lives. To ensure our hope for redemption Jesus sacrificed himself to clear our guilt away. He now calls us to accept what he did for us, by making him the Lord of our lives and following a way of faith, love, honor, and discipleship. As his disciples, we actively await Jesus’ return and the coming of a new creation, without pain, suffering, or death. Nothing in this world is more important than a relationship with Jesus.

Okay, not quite 180 words but pretty close. Now it’s your turn. Share with me your personal way of sharing the Gospel.




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