Philosophy of Faith Sharing

Philosophy of Faith Sharing

God has called me to be a minister of process; to guide the formless faith of unbelievers toward a journey of faith, transformation, and sharing. Understanding this call came from my own spiritual journey. God challenged me as a young man to deny myself that I might be remade through a profound transformation of identity. Through the power of Christ, that enables him to bring everything under his control, my life, my value, my identity was remade. Contrary to my hopes that the process would be relatively short, God had in mind for me to undergo a lengthy journey of faith and self-discovery. This process continues and will push on until that eschatological future where we all are remade into the complete likeness of Jesus.

The ministry God has given me is characterized by four key factors, journey, transformation, faith sharing, and urgency. Every person can be placed along a journey of life experiences that encounter opportunities for faith. My life serves to make those encounters life changing experiences.

As people engage moments of faith they encounter the possibility of transformation. Through belief God uses that experience to bestow grace and move them closer to his mission for their redemption. The formless faith of the unbelievers takes shape by the grace of God, through the blood of Christ, by the transformational work of the Spirit, in the normative redemptive act of baptism.

My ministry serves to guide questioning unbelievers along this transformation by sharing my own faith. This is what is referred to as, Faith Sharing. It is an intentional ministry of revealing my experience with God and His work to shape my life. It is also a deliberate demonstration of how all Christians should share faith with unbelievers.

I tie all of these factors together with the need for urgency. This factor is divided into two halves, personal and ecclesial urgency. Jesus calls us all to a sense of urgency so we might all be counted as his disciples and children of God. In this way I encourage and challenge unbelievers to begin examining their beliefs. This is my method of calling for personal urgency. The urgency is for faithful processing. At the church level I believe we have failed to recognize the need to expand our circles of influence and have regarded the task of faith sharing from a long road perspective. A key factor in my ministry is to develop a sense of urgency within believers. By equipping, demonstrating, and journeying with believers, Christians can expand their circles of influence to include unbelievers. We do not have time for the long road; we must take the short path to achieve our aim.

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