In it Together

No person, irrespective of gender, is honored by an enforced presumption of one’s identity or ability. To the contrary, every human spirit balks at such oppression. God, the author of our souls, who made us for love and community, did not impinge our will to refuse him. He even watches, broken-heartedly, as we turn to the compulsive-forming activity of greed, hatred, and maliciousness. Feminism, I think, is not about such deprave things, to which some would like to compare it, but rather the good of rising above low expectations and forced presumptions. Surely, God would be thankful for the woman, entrusted with ten talents, who did not squander them because a man told her too. The church would suffer an egregious malformation if we forgot that our ancient Christian mothers were heroes too. We have forgotten. Women chose to believe in one God. They spread the supposed superstition of a divine son murdered by the sanction of the state and granted bodily resurrection. They suffered the threat of violence, of slander, and torture, to attend, what many assumed were scandalous private nighttime meetings. All this to the chagrin of their polytheistic husbands who demanded obedience to an identity fit for a Greco-Roman woman. Finally, lest we forget, God told every Christian, male and female, to don divine armor, with the full knowledge that authorities and powers will try to wrestle us away, so we might settle for the lesser and give up the imperishable. We are all in this together.

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