Plant From Hebron

Last year this plant appeared in the foyer of our church building. It is from the Hebron in Israel. When I got it I immediately thought this would be a good plant for my office, so I kept it. At first I watered it every couple of days. It was a disaster. The plant is a succulent. It doesn’t need that much water. By watering it so regularly I was triggering its reproductive phase. My window shelf was littered with hundreds of its offspring. Additionally the plant was weak. The largest stem was tall and could not bear its own weight. So I did two rounds of trimming and cut it back significantly. For a while I wasn’t certain it would live or if it would ever grow again. I had hoped trimming it back would help it grow stronger. That is exactly what happened! And after a few months a small shoot has begun to sprout from the top of the plant.

Below are a few videos I have made about this plant over the last year. Enjoy!

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