Painting as Meditation

Office Themed Painting

“Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica”

Rachel and I love watching The Office. It is on so often in our house that if our cats could talk, I imagine they would also be able to quote it. They certainly watch enough of it with us. In this painting I decided to try a technique my wife used on one of her paintings. Rachel placed pieces of tape on a canvas and painted over them to get an unusual affect. So when I decided to do a painting of Jim’s famous line, “Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica,” I tried it. I printed the shapes you see on the painting from an image I found and then cut the shapes out with scissors. I then used water to stick the paper to the canvas before I painted the background image. After the background dried, with the help of a blow dryer, I carefully peeled off the shapes and then painted the bear, beet, and Cylon head. I was very happy with the beet in this picture. While it was mostly a happy accident, I tried hard to replicate the thickness and roundness of a beet. I posted this painting on an Office Facebook Group for everyone to enjoy. Share your art, even if you are a newbie. Don’t be afraid of letting people see that you are growing and learning. Ignore the haters and trolls, some people believe its their job to be mean, its not about you or your art. I had a couple haters on the post but most people were genuinely kind about my art. Really all of life is filled with haters and trolls. they aren’t a reason to change yourself, or hide yourself. Also if you are a newbie like myself, you are just learning and its important to recognize that you are starting where everyone begins. Don’t take things too seriously. I say this and at the same time find that I have lived a lot of my life anxious about how people view me. I take criticism to heart, sometimes more than I should. I remember at a job interview for the church that I work with now, my wife was in the interview. When the hiring team asked my wife if there was anything they should know about me, Rachel responded with a huge amount of insight. She said, just know that if Chais makes a mistake he is much more upset about it than you will be. That’s not exactly how she said it, but close anyway. It was very true. I have found myself overwhelmed by my mistakes. I have issues with anxiety, and it has taken me into my late thirties to recognize the issue, understand it, notice when it is happening, honor the feelings, and practice self-care. Rachel picked up on something that I had been ignoring my whole life and no other person in my life saw it so clearly. So, practice self care, honor your art, don’t let haters and trolls get into your head, and when they do pay attention to how you are feeling.

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