Painting as Meditation

Painting of a Sandhill Crane

This is my second painting since I started this hobby. For this one I chose a simplistic bird photo so I could practice shading. I found a lot of joy trying to replicate the cranes glistening orange eye. I find my mind is so busy all day every day, but when I start painting my mind loosens up, forgets, and gets lost in the paints. Why does art have this affect? Have you ever played a sport where you get lost in the game? That experience is similar to the act of painting. I love Pickleball, and during a game I am not thinking about anything except how to return the ball or nail a devastatingly low serve. I had some trouble with the greenery in the background of this painting. Learning how much paint to use, how thick it should be, and who to create the effect I want is going to take time and practice. That’s okay! because there are no failures in painting!

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