Tired Anyhow

 I am tired of broken 
 The ones I broke, 
 The ones others broke
 Long broken
 Fast broken
 Short broken
 Slow broken
 I am weary of fixing 
 Fixing things, myself
 Watching others fix things
 Long fixing
 Fast fixing
 Short fixing
 Slow fixing
 I am beat of nothing
 My nothingness
 Their nothingness
 Long nothing
 Fast nothing
 Short nothing
 Slow nothing
 I am wasted of something
 Making me something
 Others making something of themselves
 Long something
 Fast Something
 Short something
 Slow something
 I am saved
 Of broken
 Of fixing
 Of nothing
 Of something
 Long saving
 Fast saving
 Short saving
 Slow saving
 I am tired, anyhow

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