About Chais

I’m a pastor and religious trauma advocate, who’s spent fifteen years creating a space for curiosity, mental wellness, and healthy community. 

I am committed to helping faith communities build healthier spaces for their members. As an uncle to two children with mental disorders, I came to appreciate the needs of families desperate for support from their faith communities. As houses of worship strive to provide holistic wellness for their members, they are looking for more than tools and products. They are looking for guidance on how to create a healthy space for their members. I have worked with families and congregations for years and come to recognize how every house of worship is uniquely skilled in serving their members. Supporting these houses of worship, I help to empower both leaders and members, and address behaviors and structures that limit wellness.

I am member of the National Alliance for Mental Illness. Currently I co-facilitate a support group for families with mental health challenges through NAMI Massachusetts. I moderate the Faith Communities and Mental Health forum (FCMH) in cooperation with NAMI Central Middlesex. FCMH is a biennial forum focused on helping faith communities build healthy communities for families with mental health challenges. I am a member of the Burlington Area Clergy group and Burlington Area Clergy for Justice. I currently serve on the board for Burlington Youth and Family Services. I also work as the minister for the Burlington Church of Christ. 

I received a Master’s in Christian Ministry (M.A.C.M) at Harding School of Theology and a B.A. in Bible from Ohio Valley University. In August 2021, I began the Couples and Family Therapy master’s program at Antioch University. I am currently serving as class co-representative for the 2021 Cohort at Antioch.

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