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I celebrate Christmas. I know some people don’t like to for various reasons, but I do. To me Christmas is a celebration of something amazing. A child was born and with that child came the sovereignty and kingdom of God breaking into the world. The majority of the NT speaks of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and ascension because of his impact in the world. A portion of the text, however, speaks of his birth directly. It’s important for a few reasons. Jesus’ lineage needed validation against the accusations of his illegitimate birth. In creaturely form, Jesus participated in a human existence. His birth is also the fulfillment of expectation for God’s people that a messiah would come. For us today, it is the beginning of the pinnacle event that brings hope for our future with God.

Celebration of Jesus’ birth expresses our devotion to Jesus not as a child but as the everlasting incarnation of God breaking into the world. Jesus is not an immutable child to whom we pray “dear baby Jesus”. He is the fullness and exact representation of God. That said, not everyone does celebrate Christmas as a celebration of Jesus. For many, I imagine, it is simply a holiday. I view this as an opportunity to share the story of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. Direction, or orientation, is important to me evangelistically. If I can share the the truth of Jesus’ birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension, perhaps I can direct them toward a life of following Christ.